Preparing Your Activity
Congratulations!  It's your turn to lead.  With your partner, you'll need to prepare the activity for the rest of the troop, including needed supplies and make-up instructions for girls who
are absent.  Nick, Patti, Angel, Ann, and Dan will help you - but you need to ask for help if you need it.   

Troop 10402 Cadette Activity Planner  (PDF)  (Microsoft Word)

Troop 10402 Cadette Activity Research  (PDF)  (Microsoft Word)
  1. Pick Your Activity.  If it's a planned troop activity, get details from Nick.  If you're choosing a meeting theme, decide what we will work on.
  2. Research your activity.  If needed, call the facility for details.  Use the Research Script below. 
  3. Plan your activity.  Use the Activity Planning Sheet below.  Remember to plan supplies and cost.  Ask Dan to review your budget if you will be spending money.
  4. Promote your activity.  Nick needs to know the Who/What/When/Where/Why so he can tell the other girl's parents.  Write it up so he can forward.
  5. Do Your Activity.  Run the show!  Remember to work as a team, take a deep breath, and use the quiet sign!
2012-2013 Monthly Troop Meeting Leaders 






Adults (Kickoff)



Pamela & Sabrina






Abby &  MiKayla



Sydney &  Dannie



Ryley &  Taylor



Rachel &  Alyssa



Olivia &  Tori

2012-2013 Activity Leaders

Cadette New Cuisine Badge

Way Cool Cooking School

Fri Dec 14th

4:30 - 6:30pm

Abby & MiKayla

Humane Society Visit

Need to determine what we will do: service project, educational visit, badge work, or all three

Rachel & Alyssa


Living Outside Survival Training

Sat Nov 10th

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Olivia & Tori

Cupcake Wars

Need to determine how we will do it.  Nick has a work friend who owns Sweet Bebe Cakes in St. Paul.

Sydney & Dannie

Maple Syruping

Can do in Carver Park March 19th or Landscape Arboreteum March 23.  Need to determine which and plan for the troop.

Sydney & Dannie

Winter Encampment

Work with Nick and Angel to figure which encampment activity we will attend.  Lead the weekend for the troop.


  Holiday Boutique

Sun Dec 2
1:00 - 4:00 pm

Organize the table display and shift assignments