Girl Scout Silver Award Steps

  1. Review Ideas, Identify Issues You Care About, Pick Your Project.
    USE: Silver Award Form - Section 1 (optional)

  2. Build your Girl Scout Silver Award team or decide to go solo.  Up to four girls can work on a project together.  Let Nick know who your team is.  

  3. Pick your Silver Award Project Advisor.  This should be someone with the organization who your project is helping, and not a parent.  Let Nick know who it is.

  4. Develop Your Project Proposal.  Complete the Silver Award Project Proposal (Section 2) and submit it to the River Valleys Council for approval.  Nick will help you with this.
    USE: Silver Award Form - Section 2 (required)

  5. Do Your Project.  Complete the Time Log and the Budget in Section 3 of your Silver Award form. These are MUCH easier to submit if you keep them updated as you go. 
    USE: Silver Award Form - Section 3 (required) 

  6. Complete Your Silver Award Final Report.  Complete Section 3 of your Silver Award Form, including your completed Time Log, Budget, Reflection, and photos.  Nick and your advisor will help you with this step.
    USE: Silver Award Form - Section 3 (required)

Girl Scout Silver Award Forms

This document has three sections, yellow shading shows where you should type.  
  • Section I – Silver Project Planning.  Optional just for your planning.
  • Section II – Silver Project Proposal.  Submit before starting project.
  • Section III – Final Report.  Required, turned in after the project is done..

Abby     |     Alyssa     |     Amy     |     Dannie

Mikayla     |     Olivia     |     Pamela     |     Rachel

Ryley     |     Sabrina     |     Sydney     |     Tori

Bookmark the URL to your form - we will eventually remove the link once we enter name/address info.  Please work on the form in SkyDrive (don't download it) so you can edit it from anywhere and so the leaders can see you progress.